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Ed Sheeran Imagine - “That Lovely Voice”

AN: Sorry it’s a little late guys hope you like it. This one’s kind of a sweet one. :)


"Beer please." You told the bartender.

You weren’t much of a drinker, but tonight was just one of those nights.

"Here you are doll." The bartender said, handing it to you. He was an older gentleman, late 50s or so.

Minutes passed, maybe half an hour at that, and you were now on your second beer.

"Can I get a beer Stan?" you heard a lovely voice say. "Thanks. Put it on my tab will you?"

You turn your head slightly to see its owner sitting next to you.

He gives you a slight smile.

You didn’t pay much attention to it, and return to your beer.

"Rough day?" you hear the lovely  voice ask.

You turn around to face him.

"Who me?"

"Yes you," he chuckles "I mean it is just us two in the entire bar."

"What about him?" You ask giggling a bit, pointing at a man at the end of the bar passed out.

"Ha I think he had a great day don’t you think?"

You let out a small laugh.

"But anyways, back to you. Rough day?"

"Ummm," you pause for a bit, "You can say that yeah."

"Well you came to the right place then!"

He sips his beer.

"So does that mean you had a rough day?"

"Nah," he sips again, "I just come here for the beer."

You can’t help but smile.

He faces away from you. You do the same.

"You have an amazing smile." he says after a few moments, still facing away from you.

You turn slightly. “Oh,” you blush, “Thank you.” you say shyly.

He tips his beer towards you, still not facing you. It was almost as if he was embarrassed of having said it.

After a few minutes of silence, he finally breaks it.

"I’m sorry." You look at him puzzled. "I get nervous around gorgeous girls like yourself. I apologize if I made you uncomfortable tonight especially with my comment about your smile. I couldn’t stop myself. It’s just so amazing, almost as beautiful as you are. Anyways my name is Ed, it was lovely to meet you."

Before you could respond to his beautiful words, he rushes out of the bar.

Your heart beats fast.

Butterflies flutter in your stomach. 

"Oh my god." You think to yourself. That was the nicest thing anyone had ever said to you, and for someone as attractive as him to tell you, "Wow."

"That Ed is a good kid." your thoughts are interrupted.

You look around a bit puzzled.

"Stan, right?"

"Yes ma’am." He continues, "Ed’s been coming in here for a while now, keeps himself outta trouble. Keeps to himself. Never picks up women at that, you’re actually the only one he’s ever talked to in here."

"Hmm. He seemed great," you trail off, "Just wished he had talked some more." You paid your tab and got up to go. "Thanks for the beer, Stan." You smile, and walk off.

"Anytime doll! Come back soon!" He calls after you, and you walk out of the bar.

A few weeks pass.

"Long time no see Stan! Can I get a beer please?" you call out.

"Hey sweetie, how have you been?" He says handing you a beer.

"Just hanging in there." You respond with a smile. "You?"

"Just dandy!" He smiles, and makes his way to the other end of the bar where he’s needed.

You drink your beer in silence.

A few minutes pass and you reach the end of your beer. As you raise your hand as signal for another, you hear a familiar voice.

"I’ll get it gorgeous."

You feel your stomach flutter.

He gets two beers from Stan, and hands you one. “By the way I didn’t catch your name the other day.”

"Thanks." You nervously mumble. "It’s Y/N. You’re Ed?”

You ask, but there was no way you could of forgotten, he was all you could think of for the past few weeks.

He nods, smiles. Doesn’t say anything. Neither of you do for a while.

After a few minutes you break the silence.

"Thank you."

"You already thanked me silly." He chuckles.

"No," you pause, "I meant for the other day."

"Oh. Yeah. Sorry." He crinkled his nose a bit, and nervously ran his hands though his hair.

"Why are you apologizing?"

"Because I probably embarrassed you. Well at least embarrassed myself." He pauses, "I mean why would a girl like you even acknowledge me? ………. I’m stupid. You probably get better compliments from hot guys all the time."

After a few seconds you finally say, “Ed. No one has ever complimented me like that before. What you said to me was the single most sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me, and as if that wasn’t enough, as a bonus it was said to me by an incredibly attractive guy. So stop apologizing please!” You lightly hit him on his arm and smile.

A smile spreads across his face, but quickly fades.

He stays quiet.

You both turn to face your beers and finish them in silence.

Minutes pass, and nothing is said once again so you decide pay your tab and get up, its evident to you that nothing is going to happen anyways.

"Nice seeing you again, Ed." You say quietly, lightly patting his back, before walking out of the bar.

You walk to your car, feeling almost disappointed.

"Damn!" You think to yourself, "Why couldn’t he have asked for my number? …… Why didn’t I ask for his? Damn."

You reach down to your purse in search for your keys, and you suddenly hear him.

That lovely voice.


You smile. Unexpectedly.

You turn around to see a set of red hair running towards you.

You’re instantly pulled close to him and greeted by a pair of warm lips. Your lips move in sync with his.

It’s amazing.



Meant to be. 

He finally pulls away gently after a while and smirks, “So ……. You think I’m attractive?”


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